Diamantino Ribeiro – “The Pyramid of Happiness”
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Diamantino Ribeiro – “The Pyramid of Happiness”


This book is the result of the academic work developed by Diamantino Ribeiro, researcher and university lecturer, who aims to convey in a simple way the conclusions of a Master’s Dissertation in Economics and Happiness, entitled “The 360º Happiness model for use in a microeconomic context” and a PhD Thesis on Development Communication (ongoing) in which the author followed and analyzed the governmental communication of the Emirates Ministry of Happiness since its inception in February 2016.

A work that begins with a theoretical contextualization of the theme of happiness over the years and scientifically systematizes the knowledge of several authors.
The author, in accessible language, takes the reader in a journey with reflections to build the Pyramid of Happiness.The construction of the Pyramid is in the responsibility of each one of us.

Diamantino Ribeiro defines himself as an European, born in Oporto City, Portugal on the 27th of September of 1964.
Manager and CEO of several companies and he is currently a Professor in Economics, Managment and International Relations.
He is a Trainer in Personal Development and Communication, Master Business Executive Coach and Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programing.
As a result of his PhD research in Development Communication he has dedicated his research to the field of Government Communication, Happiness and Positivity believing in happiness as the ultimate goal in which every country and its citizens should live upon.

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